Photo by Victoria Gomez.

The 2023-24 term at Lake Highlands High School features something the school hasn’t had in 25 years. It’s effortlessly colorful and entertaining, with a flair that exudes passion from years of training.

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Baton twirling is back and LHHS freshman Breckyn Steele giving it a spin.

Steele’s mother, Kassie was a baton twirler for over than 20 years. She says Breckyn first touched a mat when she was 18 months old. As soon as she showed real interest in the art, Kassie jumped at the opportunity to get her involved.

Now as a freshman in high school, she performs with the LHHS band during halftimes and pep rallies, with all eyes looking to her as the sole baton twirler.

“Representing the school is a little scary,” Breckyn says. “It took a little convincing.”

LHHS band director Reagan Brumley was all for the idea initially, but the novelty of the position has proven to be challenging. But if Breckyn has it her way, this year will only be the beginning of something huge.

“I have four long years left,” she says. “I want to recruit more people to twirl.”

Only in her first year, she already has a feel for what she wants to leave behind. In fact, she’s already considering her collegiate future.

Kassie attended Kansas State University and twirled there during her term. It’s a priority for her to not put any pressure on her daughter following those same footsteps.

“I don’t want her to pick schools for me,” she says. “I want her to pick for education.”

As of now, Breckyn’s trying to juggle all of her entertainment outlets. On top of her work at school, she’s found the time to compete in local pageants as Ms. Richardson Outstanding Teen and Ms. Lone Star Princess.

“She’s a pretty shy kid ironically,” Kassie says.

You’d never know it. Breckyn seems to find herself wherever the spotlight shines brightest. Only a few months in her new role as LHHS baton twirler, it seems that the spotlight will be following her for a very long time.

“It’s pretty much in my blood,” she says.