Antique Mahjong Set from 1920s for sale on Facebook Market

Antique Mahjong Set from 1920s
As Mahjong grows in popularity, this antique is one you might want to pull out and use. The 1920s collector’s set comes in a wood box with brass handles and accents. Each tile is bamboo and includes all pieces (though not jokers, as those were not included at that time period, the owner says). The set is being sold for $575.

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1920s Metal/cast iron dental chair for sale on Facebook Market1920s Metal/cast iron dental chair
As long as you aren’t afraid of the dentist, this antique metal and cast iron Ries Manufacturing Company dental chair is definitely a conversation starter. The light is in working condition, and if it doesn’t look like a medieval torture device to you, this find will ring up at $655.

3-Doll set of 1940s Ilse Ludecke cloth dolls
These vintage 1940s Ilse Ludecke cloth dolls stand at 14 inches tall. Each has a muslin center-stitched face with pressed and painted facial features and stuffed bodies. The dolls were popularized for their varied facial expressions, fantasy folklore costumes and booklets describing their region, not unlike today’s American Girl dolls. The dolls are marked with “Ilse Luducke Trachtenpuppen” on the base and are being sold for $550.

1940s Asian-style Stone Motif Black Lacquered Fold Out Bar for sale on Facebook Market

1940s Asian-style Stone Motif Black Lacquered Fold Out Bar
This fold-out bar features a semiprecious stone motif and several compartments for liquor/wine bottles. A label within the cabinet says that the bar was specially made for Casa Salomon, a retailer in Panama. The bar was originally listed for $2,000 but the price has been reduced to $1,000.

1930s Regal Mandolin
For those looking for musical finds, this mandolin has been dated to the early 1930s or late 1920s. The instrument is Mahogany and the fingerboard is ebony, the seller says. While those in perfect condition can run at about $1,000, this Lake Highlands resident is selling it for $250.

Vintage Budweister Lighted World Champion Clydesdale Team Parade Carousel Globe
If you’re looking for a unique man-cave find or are just a beer aficionado, this collectible Budweiser globe might be the find for you. The globe lights up and features horse-drawn carriages that rotate around the globe while it is lit. According to collectors, the globes were given to “good” customers by the Anheuser Bush Company in the 1960s. This seller is listing the globe at $1,800.

Child/Animal-sized real autopsy table for sale on Facebook Market

Child/Animal-sized real autopsy table
Okay, this one is a bit weird. One Dallasite is selling a vintage child/animal-sized autopsy table for $1,500. According to the owner, the doctor who used it was asked to remove any discarded sharps out of the central gaps, but there may be some left over (oops?). For those looking for something unique in the home, the table is selling for $1,500 but the owner is willing to trade for a trike, motorbike or go-kart.1940s Vintage Rattan & Wicker Men’s Valet for sale on Facebook Market

1940s Vintage Rattan & Wicker Men’s Valet
Before walk-in closets became the norm, men hung their clothes on a valet to ensure they’d be wrinkle-free and ready for the next day. This valet has a drawer for shoes, a small shelf, a hanging area for your suit jacket and a seat to put it all together on. This Lake Highlands find rings up at $300.