Current LHHS faculty lounge

Teachers will soon arrive at Lake Highlands High School to prepare for the new academic year and create meaningful lessons for the school’s 2,700+ students. When they step into the faculty lounge to eat lunch or grab a drink, they’ll find it looks much the same as it has for years.

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“The faculty lounge certainly looks ‘retro’ and ‘shabby’ but not in a good way,” says LHHS Alumni Association President Kari Adams Urban (’83), who is spearheading an effort to renovate the space. “When we asked LHHS Principal Kerri Jones what we could do to support our teachers, she jumped at the chance to boost the faculty by updating their lounge.”

The alumni association has been hard at work seeking contact information for Wildcat graduates and inviting them to join their ranks. You may become a member via this link.

Participation in the faculty lounge renovation, though, isn’t just for alums. It’s open to families of current students, future students and members of the Lake Highlands community. If you appreciate teachers, this project is your way to show it.

Madison Short Umberger (’09) is designing the new space. Teachers use the lounge in A Hall for workday projects, so the space must be functional for multiple users. They also need an inviting spot for relaxation and socialization during their jam-packed days.

“We are fortunate to have Madison bringing her design skills to lead this endeavor,” says LHHS Education Foundation President and alum Robin Moss Norcross (’74). “We invite Wildcat alumni and the Lake Highlands community to contribute to this effort right away so we can update the faculty lounge with new furniture and a fresh look before our teachers return for the new school year.”

Donations of any amount will be accepted, from $25 for new cabinet pulls to $200 for a cozy accent chair to $500 for an extendable worktable. Contributions are tax-deductible since they are made to the LHHS Foundation, also known as Wild for Cats.

You may donate online here.