She couldn’t keep track of anything.

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Burp cloths, pacifiers, nipple cream, car keys, two cell phones — running a consulting business while breastfeeding a newborn (in every room of the house, of course) meant Erin Moyer was spending half of her day trying to find whatever she had misplaced.

The L Streets resident knew other women must experience the same dilemma, so she created My Mommy’s Pockets, a line of aprons with special pouches for everything a mother might need. “Most people didn’t think to wear aprons unless they were in the kitchen,” Moyer says. “I’m proposing to wear them everywhere, every day — as a fashion accessory.”

The aprons come in trendy fabrics with corresponding names such as “Funky Punkin” and “Norma Rae”, which match burp cloths and pacifier keepers that can attach to a special snap tag. The line falls under her umbrella company, Progeny, and next up is a line of “pre-stained” bibs and toddler T-shirts.

“Before I had kids, I prided myself on being matchy-matchy, very clean and all pulled together,” she says, “but kids are a total mess all the time.” Thus, bibs already covered in what looks like baby food, and shirts specially designed for “birthday cake eatin’” and “dirt haulin’”.

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