I had an encounter today which was a terrific example of how ‘small town’ the Lake Highlands neighborhood feels to me, current heated development debates notwithstanding.

My friend Karla and I were out garage sale-ing, a rare treat for us on our normally busy ‘kid’ Saturdays.  We were at a sale and found some boxes of blank note cards.  I picked them up and told Karla they’d be great for me to use as I’m trying to create ‘Art’ cards to sell as a Lake Highlands Elementary Sky Ranch fundraiser at our upcoming LHE Student Art Opening at White Rock Coffee on February 5th.  (I had previously worked up a pretty nice looking poster showing the 3-D Clay Hearts the 4th Graders have created.  Along with the 2-D works of the 5th Graders, we’ll be hanging the poster with the pictures of the hearts in lieu of the actual pieces to avoid breakage).

The very nice man hosting the sale overheard me and said, ‘LHE?  My father was a Principal at LHE’. Turns out we were attending the garage sale of Jeffrey Passmore, son of Dr. Bill Passmore, LHE’s first principal.  As his father recently passed, Mr. Passmore was helping his mom clean out the house.  I extended my condolences to him and told him how highly regarded his dad was by our current Principal, Kim Sullivan, and how lucky I was to have met his dad at one of LHE’s 50th Anniversary celebrations…and even had a picture or two of him in my IPhoto file.

At that point Karla suggested to Mr. Passmore that he might be interested in a commemorative brick for his dad.  He said he’d heard of the LHE patio, was indeed interested in a brick honoring his father and wanted to know who to contact.  (I’ll be emailing him an order form).  He then very graciously donated the boxes of blank note cards to the Sky Ranch fundraiser effort.

A couple of Saturday casual moms encounter the son of the man who was instrumental in the birth of the school they love and support at a garage sale.  Gotta love livin’ in Lake Highlands.