Tomorrow, June 7., is National Donut Day in the U.S. and there’s plenty of neighborhood spots available to help you celebrate.

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Celebrated since 1938, when the Salvation Army declared “National Donut Day” to commemorate women Salvation Army volunteers who handed out essentials and donuts to American soldiers in WWI, Friday will mark the holiday’s 86th celebration.

Here’s three great (and the highest rated) local spots to get you in the spirit:

Lake Highland Donuts

9661 Audelia Rd.

Fast, no-frills and sticking to the basics, Lake Highland Donuts has every run-of-the-mill donut, pastry and kolache you can think of. Cream-filled, with sprinkles, cake or glazed – they’ve got it. It is advised that customers try to get there somewhat early, especially considering the holiday.

Morning Donuts

8270 Abrams Rd.

Morning Donuts isn’t worried about going beyond the basics. Selling cronuts, indulgently decorated cake donuts, Oreo-topped and more, you may have to think a little bit harder before ordering here. 

Hypnotic Donuts and Chicken Biscuits

9007 Garland Rd.

While not technically in Lake Highlands, area heavyweight Hypnotic Donuts has to be in the conversation. A quick trip down Buckner away, Hypnotic’s selection has something for those looking for traditional favorites, in addition to a line of humorously-named craft donuts like the “Canadian Healthcare”, a long john with maple frosting and a slice of bacon, or the “Espresso Yo’self”, a chocolate cake donut with salted caramel icing and sea salt sprinkled over top.