Four Lake Highlands High School students have been recognized in the State High School Visual Art Scholastic Event.

After submitting their work to the Texas Art Education Association’s yearly statewide competition, Robbie Cargo, Banner Roby, Charlotte Williams and Max Young were selected to advance to the State VASE competition. Of 33,227 total VASE entries statewide, the LHHS students’ works represented four of the 2,349 pieces selected to advance to the State VASE, or close to 7% of total works submitted.

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Charlotte Williams’ Reflections. Photo courtesy of TAEA HS VASE.

Having earned the distinction of all-state artists, the students’ works were all judged as ‘Rating IV-Excellent’. Roughly 4.3%, or 1422, of all VASE submissions received Rating IVs for their artworks, according to the TAEA. Students receiving Rating IVs also received State VASE Medallions.

Banner Roby’s Search for Peace. Photo courtesy of TAEA HS VASE.

“The mission of the High School Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE)” reads the TAEA’s VASE mission statement, “is to recognize exemplary student achievement in the Visual Arts by providing high school art students and programs a standard of excellence in which to achieve.”

Robbie Cargo’s Steampunk Teapot. Photo courtesy of TAEA HS VASE.

The High School Visual Art Competition is a state-wide competition judging all visual art submitted by Texas high school students. Submissions can be 2-D, 3-D or functional artwork. Digital submissions are also considered. Divided into more than 25 regions or subregions, students’ works are judged at regional events before statewide qualifiers are selected. 

Max Young’s Speeding Through Time. Photo courtesy of TAEA HS VASE.