Lake Highlands DART Station

One man is recovering and another has been arrested after multiple apparent robbery incidents Wednesday morning, WFAA reported.

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First, Dallas Fire Rescue workers pulled a distressed man out of White Rock Creek who said he’d been thrown into the water by another man who harassed him at the Lake Highlands DART station. The waterlogged man was heard yelling for help at 4:30 a.m. in the pouring rain from the bottom of a 50 to 60 foot embankment, and a passerby apparently called 911. DART police investigating the incident told WFAA their cameras did not show the man being thrown into the water.

A few hours after the rescue, a woman who lives in nearby apartments contacted police to say she’d been robbed. Ashley Shreve said she was loading her child into the car when a man ran up and stole her phone from her pocket.

DART police said the thief was located and arrested. He was accused of an additional robbery earlier in the day.

WFAA said residents of the apartment communities along Skillman Street are concerned about crime, because they have seen people exit the DART station, jump apartment fences and trespass onto the properties.

If you have information about these crimes or other incidents in the areas surrounding the Lake Highlands DART station, you’re asked to call DART police at 214-749-5900. Their emergency number is 214-928-6300.