Goldie’s is currently under construction and is expected to open in February.

The trio of owners preparing to open Goldie’s Neighborhood Spot in Lakeridge Village say their aspirations are simple. They envision a beautiful, yet comfy, restaurant where neighborhood families become regulars. They want to craft the kind of place where everybody knows your name.

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The Cheers reference from 1980s television isn’t accidental. Brittni Clayton, who is partnering with Brandon and Brittany Hays in the venture, says an approachable vibe is exactly what they’re going for.

“By definition we are an American restaurant and bar, but our hope for the space is to be an East Dallas neighborhood staple,” Clayton told me. “Serving timeless food in an elegant setting with first class hospitality is our goal.”

If you walk in looking for Goldie, you’ll be disappointed. Brittany and Brandon Hays came up with the name before the birth of their second child. They kept their baby’s gender a secret to enjoy the surprise on delivery day. The baby turned out to be a boy. The name they would have used for a baby girl was Goldie.

Brandon owns This and That Hospitality Group, operator of Ferris Wheelers, Sfuzzi, Tiny Victories and other local hot spots. Brittany owns Session Pilates, so this is her first foray into the restaurant world. Clayton has worked in the hospitality industry for 18 years, and she developed a friendship with Brandon as he talked shop with her while dining at her places of employment. Goldie’s will be her first partnership opportunity, and she’s ready to put her life lessons in action.

“The key to a successful restaurant is simple — take care of the guests, and they will take care of you,” says Clayton. “I believe a lot of places fall short of this, because they are too worried about making money and are in it for the wrong reasons. Taking care of people is in my DNA, and it truly brings me joy to make others happy. Brandon, Brittany and I want to bring a neighborhood restaurant to the community that is the spot you stop in on your way home from work to enjoy a tasty cocktail. A date night spot. A place to celebrate your birthday and anniversary or friends coming to town. We want to be the trusted restaurant where you can come in early with your kids to beat the crowd and enjoy a great meal. A place to make memories.”

The Goldie’s menu is still being developed, but Clayton says they are working to mix those nostalgic foods she and her partners enjoyed while growing up with “a little bit of flare.”

“We all love French onion soup, but we wanted to have fun with it, so French onion dip was created. Our banana split will be a playful ode to the classic — bananas and ice cream, yes, but we will have it on a bed of traditional vanilla custard with bruleed bananas and a crispy vanilla wafer topping.”

Beer, wine and specialty cocktails will be on the menu, and weeknight features will be offered on occasion.

Goldie’s will be in Lakeridge’s freestanding spot which was formerly home to RM 12:20 and Offshore’s Nextdoor before that. RM 12:20 owner Erin Willis famously requested that parents leave children at home while dining at her bistro. Clayton is taking a different approach.

“This is a neighborhood spot, and we want to cater to the neighborhood — kids are welcome,” she says. “We will not have a kids’ menu, however there will be things on the menu that kids of all ages can enjoy.”

Goldie’s is aiming to open in early-February, but their restaurant is still being renovated. They’re asking for grace and patience from neighbors who’ve been watching progress closely.

“Over the years, I’ve watched my regulars get married, have kids, celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, engagements and promotions, and seen kids grow into adults by working in restaurants, and it’s been one of the best things in my life,” Clayton says. “I am most excited about meeting new people and being that ‘Cheers’ place for the neighborhood. Giving back is also extremely important, so we will be teaming up with the surrounding schools’ PTAs and the East Dallas Chamber of Commerce to help out in the community. We are all so excited to serve the Lake Highlands neighborhood, and we hope this restaurant can be a source of family, community and hospitality for years to come.”

Goldie’s will open at 9850 Walnut Hill Lane at Audelia, #305.