The Biden administration’s bipartisan effort, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, will infuse $1.2 trillion into localities across the nation.

Passed in November, the act is meant to pay for things like repairing roads and bridges, security against cyberattacks, modernizing public transit, creating widespread broadband, mitigating brownfields and improving airports.

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Projects with an emphasis on racial and economic equality — repairing communities torn apart by interstate highway construction in the 20th century, for example — will receive greater consideration. Other targets of the spending: combatting climate change, improving job opportunities and increasing wages, bolstering manufacturing and supply chains, and equitable public investment.

City of Dallas Office of Government Affairs

Dallas will compete with practically every municipality in the nation for grants from the act. Because these grants are open to virtually any public agency that deals with transportation, the city will also be competing with counties, councils of governments and the state transportation department, says Dina Colarossi of the city’s Office of Government Affairs.

That office drafted a wish list of city projects that could qualify for the grants, which was presented to City Council members this week.

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The list is not ranked in any order, and it’s not final, but it’s a step in the city’s strategy to qualify for as much of that $1.2 trillion as possible. The grants will be released over the next five years, and the first applications are due this spring.

The draft wish list offers insight into some of the city’s unfunded priorities like dredging White Rock Lake, repairing sidewalks throughout the city, runway reconstruction at Love Field, transportation systems at the Dallas International District and building trail connections to the Trinity River.

Find the infrastructure wish list here.

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