It’s finally that time of year again, time to dedicate the whole day to pie. This Sunday, Jan. 23 is National Pie Day.

Be it warm or cold, a slice of pie can bring comfort during these chilly days. But pie doesn’t have to be sweet; it can also be savory.

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There are so many fillings and varieties to choose from. There’s cream-filled, berry-filled, minced meat and pizza or other meat filled pies.

Here are just a few places that we’ve compiled for National Pie Day for a pie-fix.

  • Haute Sweets at 10230 E NW Hwy.
  • Lochland’s– Yes, shepard’s pie still counts for all intents and purposes in this post. Located at 8518 Plano Rd. Dallas.
  • Unrefined Bakery at 6464 E NW Hwy #326.
  • Fireside Pies for pizza pies. Located at 6750 Abrams Rd #105.
  • Piefalootin at 2441 Goldfinch Ln.
  • Kroger Bakery at 9140 Forest Ln.

What’s your favorite kind of pie? Did we miss your favorite pie place or bakery?