This year brought on a lot of stories. There were heartwarming tales, heartbreaking updates and changes to our mainstays and routines.

Among them all, some stories got our neighbors talking more than usual and brought out a wealth of reactions on our social media posts. Take a look back at these five stories our neighbors couldn’t stop talking about this year along with some of their comments from Facebook.

Karen Clardy Resigns from School Board by Carol Toler

Karen Clardy

Clardy did not provide a reason for her departure, but education observers have witnessed an increase in the frequency and vitriol of personal attacks upon education officials by some attendees at board meetings and on social media. Her term was set to expire in May 2022.

Here’s what our readers had to say:

“This is a huge loss. Karen, thank you for your years of service to our neighborhood and to Risd. And shame on those that caused her to feel resignation was necessary.” -Kathleen Wylie Elliott

“Thank you for your service and dedication to the students of RISD and Lake Highlands, Karen! Yours will be a notable absence from the Board.” -Christopher Brown

RISD superintendent Jeannie Stone to resign by Carol Toler

Former RISD Superintendent Jeannie Stone

The crisis at RISD’s administration building has been brewing for months as the anti-mask, anti-vax, anti-DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), anti-SEL (social emotional learning) faction battled district officials who had implemented such programs.

Stone has juggled educating the district’s 40,000 schoolchildren during a pandemic with retaining the confidence of her elected bosses on the board.

Here’s what our readers on Facebook had to say:

“This is a huge loss for RISD and I am so sad that our community is at this place. Dr. Stone your guidance during rough years was appreciated and you will be missed.”– Alexis Cass

“I’m disappointed greatly that we have many fine public servants like Jeannie Stone that are stepping down for reasons like this. Public service should be valued and those serving should be treated with respect regardless of differences in opinions or policies.” -Brian Hasenbauer

Opinion: LH still needs an urban farm at Greenville and Forest by Carol Toler

The project, originally championed by Bonton Farms and adopted by Atlanta-based City of Refuge when Bonton Farms bowed out, was a way to harness the energy of individuals recovering from homelessness, incarceration and sex trafficking. They’d live in tiny homes on the place and work on its farm and other facilities. The Lake Highlands community would patronize its co-working space, farmers market, restaurant, coffee shop and other offerings.

Here’s what one reader on our Facebook had to say:

“Agree Lake Highlands (and all of Dallas) needs more initiatives to help those suffering from homelessness and poverty; not convinced an urban farm is the most effective way to approach that. It’s charming, but the focus needs to be on outcomes at scale.” -Kris Oliver

Jenny King named one of seven Austin College Distinguished Alumni by Raven Jordan

King has spent decades serving the Dallas community through her roles in both corporate and nonprofit organizations including Hattie Hill Enterprises, Gardere Wynne Sewell and VolunteerNow. She is now president of Dallas Summit and works with groups addressing diversity, education, equality, neighborhood development, inclusion and leadership.

Here’s what our readers on Facebook had to say:

Many congratulations and praise. A majority of the comments expressed how proud they are of King and her accomplishments.

Lake Highlands High School class of 2022 gets to walk the stage at Wildcat Stadium by Liesbeth Powers

Wildcat Stadium

Here’s what our readers on Facebook had to say:
“A shame they can’t each graduate in their home stadiums. Would be so much more meaningful. Was this a financial decision by the district which eliminates equipment rentals and set up in two locations?” -Leigh Ann Adams Murchison
“Why can’t they just leave it as it was for 2020-2021. My son graduated in June and I loved the fact that it was at his home stadium.” -Yessi Perez