Photo courtesy of Nelly Furtado.

Nelly Furtado says she’s like a bird, but she didn’t fly away. In 2016, she decided to film most of her music video for “Pipe Dreams” not in a Hollywood studio, not in the woods, but in a house in our neighborhood where she had stopped for a spontaneous estate sale run. The home was owned by a woman named Edna Sue, who had lived in Lake Highlands since the 1950s.

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Photo courtesy of St. Vincent.

Spotted: St. Vincent, aka 2001 Lake Highlands High School grad Annie Clark, was a server at Resident Taqueria in 2015. Neighbors saw her helping her sister and brother-in-law get their restaurant up and running. 

Photography by Danny Fulgencio.

“Africa” by Toto might make a crowd go wild, but for Joslyn Taylor, the daughter of the band’s saxophone player, living as a musician isn’t living the dream. Don’t get it wrong — she enjoyed some great memories while her dad, Jon Robert Smith, was on tour. But when she grew up, she took more stable jobs for herself, in marketing, as a magazine editor and in interior design. 

Photography by Allison Smith.

It doesn’t matter that you’re a rockstar. School drop off and pickup come first, even if you’re Ken Bethea of the Old 97’s. When his son Audie was going to White Rock Elementary, jam sessions and concerts had to be scheduled around parental duties and birthdays.

Photography by Victoria Stevens.

Meredith Alloway impressed Lake Highlands audiences as a young actor in dramas and musicals. Then she acted in college and even in Hollywood. But she really found her stride when she made the switch to working behind the camera. Last year, she directed a music video for Paris Jackson’s “Let Down.” Must have been a thriller.