The cover of Nelly Furtado’s new album “The Ride,” which comes out in March.

Canadian pop star Nelly Furtado has a new album coming out in March, and the video for the first track was filmed in our neighborhood.

Central Track reports they’ve “known at least for a little while now” that Furtado has been recording with John Congleton at Elmwood Studios in Oak Cliff. Congleton also produced St. Vincent, among many others, there.

Furtado has “a love affair with Dallas,” sparked by her friendship with Lake Highlands’ own Annie Clark of St. Vincent, and Furtado recorded a video for her song “Pipe Dreams” here. Most of the video is shot in a house in Lake Highlands where Furtado had been to an estate sale.

Here’s the explanation, posted to her Instagram account (and the “Pipe Dreams” video is below).

My love affair with Dallas, Texas began when I met Annie Clark of St. Vincent, who eventually connected me with John Congleton so that he could produce my new album, ‘The Ride.’ We worked at John Congleton’s Elmwood Studios in the Dallas borough of Oak Cliff. I have returned to Dallas several times over the last two years because I have connected with an incredibly welcoming art, music and fashion community such as visual artist/set designer Samantha McCurdy, legendary keyboardist/organist Bobby Sparks, photographer/director Tramaine Townsend, drummer Mckenzie Smith of the band Midlake, and streetwear company Human Dior. Dallas is ripe with the kind of talent and creative purity that stimulates my improvisational spirit. On my latest trip there, I was driving around Lake Highlands with musician Adam Pickrell, and we spontaneously stopped at an estate sale. The small home had belonged to a woman named Edna Sue, who had lived there since the 1950’s. As I perused through the remainder of her belongings-which told the story of a life well-lived- I knew I had found the location for the ‘Pipe Dreams’ video. The next day, local visual artist Jake Elliott shot and directed this beautiful ode to Edna Sue. Editing is by another Dallas-based multi-media artist named Pierre Krause.