Nick Thurman with LHHS basketball head coach Joe Duffield

I’m not sure what your teenage athletic workouts were like, but I reported to gyms that smelled of sweaty socks and blinked from aging fluorescent lighting. I never worked out at a facility as lovely as the Lake Highlands High School’s new MAC, or multi-purpose activity center, and I certainly never had a pro athlete cheer me on and give me pointers. But that’s what Wildcat football and basketball players experienced Monday, when New England Patriot defensive tackle Nick Thurman showed up on campus.

Thurman may be 6’ 4” and 305 pounds, but he’s every bit the momma’s boy, and he returns home every chance he gets to spend time with Angie, his proud and adoring mother. The LHHS 2013 graduate arrived home Sunday, and his first stop, after a hearty home-cooked meal, was a workout with Wildcat athletes on campus.

The Patriot offseason wrapped up June 17, and training camp gets started July 25. Their first preseason game kicks off August 12 at home against the Washington Football Team. Go Nick!