Chad and Kennedy Kluever

All over the neighborhood, recent Lake Highlands High School graduates spent their last Fathers’ Day before college expressing their appreciation to dear old Dad. A few of them took a moment to tell me why their pop is The GOAT – the greatest of all time.

Dixon Ponce, Bryan, Oklahoma Weslyan University: My dad is the most unselfish man I know. He does nothing and buys nothing for himself so that we can do or have whatever we need.

Aden Letch, Campbell, University of Mississippi: My dad is the greatest because of how much he cares about me. He works hard so I can go to the college I love and have everything I need. He always makes sure I am safe and making the right decisions, and he encourages me every day to work my hardest, because he wants the very best for me.

Madeline Caplinger, Richard, University of Arkansas: My whole life, my dad has been constantly there, always reminding me what I’m capable of and supporting me. I love him so much and I can’t imagine life without him!

Sophia Caplinger, Richard, University of Arkansas: My dad is always there for me and helps me in any way he can. He’s so funny, and he makes me laugh. I love it when he calls, “hey skinny.”

Addie Bone, Chris, Texas A&M: I think my dad is incredible because of his steadfast grace and the unwavering love he shows to me. No matter what, he is always in my corner to support me in whatever I am going through.

Emma Sibley, Warren, Baylor University: My dad is compassionate, fun to be around and loves and encourages people. He has never met a stranger, is intentional in conversation with those around him and makes people feel welcome. I learn from my dad daily, and I’m so thankful for the role model he has been in my life!

Asher Thompson, Chris, Austin College: I love my dad. He is family-focused with a great sense of humor. He has taught me valuable lessons about hard work, character and doing the right thing. I will miss him a lot when I go off to college this fall.

Alice White, Laurence, Southern Methodist University: My dad has always taken the time to make me feel important, loved and appreciated. No matter what, he will show up to every event, be there for me at all times, and remind me how much he loves me every day. And it’s pretty cool that he came from England and got me dual citizenship!

Hannah Payne, Bryan, University of Texas: I can come to my dad with any questions, and I know he will be there to give me any advice. I appreciate his support so much and can usually count on him to make a joke or two along the way. He is both reliable and honest, and I know he will continue to support me even as I move to Austin this year.

Kennedy Kluever, Chad, Oklahoma University: My dad puts everyone before himself and would do anything in his power to make my family feel accepted, loved and encouraged. He is very funny and brings lots of light into my life. I don’t know what I would do without him and his great support my whole life. He is one of a kind!

Jacqueline Barnett, Mark, University of Texas: My dad is continuously there to support me and give wise counsel. He encourages me through failure and has taught me how to learn and grow from what may look like a loss.

Maggie Moseley, Ric, Oklahoma University: My dad is the most helpful and selfless person you will ever meet. He is always willing to find a solution for anything you need, and he never stops working until he gets the job done. I admire his ingenuity, creativity and work ethic. He contributes countless hours to everything he’s a part of, and he never expects anything in return. Not only is he hardworking, he loves to have fun! It‘s always a good time when he’s around. I am so thankful to have him as my dad and my role model.

Caroline Woodall, Ramsay, Texas A&M: I could go on forever talking about my dad and why I will miss him. I know my dad is the greatest of all time because I can see my heavenly father in him. Whether he takes me to a movie at midnight or tries to explain baseball to me or shows God’s loving patience as he guides me in my faith, he is always there to show me how God is always there. I don’t think I would be where I am, who I am or have the same view of God the Father without my dad. He makes me laugh even when I really don’t want to, he is always honest with me, and according to him he is always right, so I will be calling to find out the “right” solution to anything in college.

Alexandra Armer, Darrell, University of Texas: Not only does my dad work hard every day to support our family, but he always makes my brothers and me his #1 priority by being present and always cheering us on. He has continually encouraged me since I was a little girl, and I would not be successful today without following his example and guidance. Talking to him at the end of my days is something I always look forward to and am excited to continue next year over Facetime. I love my dad and am so thankful for the strong bond that we have with each other.

Lauren Jarrell, Jim, University of Alabama: My dad is just so goofy, and he makes all my friends and me laugh. He also loves to show Wildcat spirit, and he tries to go to every Lake Highlands sporting event he can make.

Natalie Dries, Jeff, Texas A&M: Growing up, I have seen how selfless my dad has always been towards everything in life. Whether it be volunteering every Sunday at church, caring for my mom or looking out for me and my two sisters, my dad has never made anything about him, and I have learned to be more willing to serve others because of this. I can’t imagine living with four girls for so long, but my dad loves our family very well, and I am super thankful for him.

Nicole Rodriguez, Adrian, Arkansas University: My dad is a hard-working guy and would go beyond for his family. He is really funny and energetic, and he’s an awesome dad. I love him a lot and am so glad for him to be my dad.

THANK YOU, dads of Lake Highlands, for keeping us grinning with your goofball jokes, your plaid-and-paisley combos and your willingness to man the hot grill. We appreciate you.