If they return, they were always yours

Kelly and Jimmy Weigand had to go through heartbreak before committing to each other forever. The LHHS ’81 graduates first met in high school, but they did not go on their first date until their freshman year at Texas A&M. They went on another date a year later and were inseparable for five years. Kelly was ready for marriage after college, but Jimmy wasn’t, so they made the difficult decision to go separate ways. “We still loved each other, but we were at different places spiritually. In short… he broke my heart!” Kelly says. Kelly and Jimmy went on marry other people, but separated from their partners 22 years later. They met up at a LHHS happy hour and were inseparable once again. This time, Kelly and Jimmy were in the same place spiritually, and they married in 2012. “In the 22 years we were apart, I never forgot her,” Jimmy says. They both have children from previous marriages, but Kelly and Jimmy adopted a young woman who had been in the lives for many years. “Now we really have his, hers and ours,” Kelly says.

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