Photography by Kathy Tran

Ever heard of Spam Musubi? It’s a slice of Spam on top of a block of rice, wrapped together with seaweed.

It’s a Hawaiian delicacy from World War II, when American GIs introduced islanders to the canned meat. Between 1941 and 1945, a reported 15 million cans of Spam were sent to Allied troops.

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Hawaiians turned it into sushi-style Spam musubi.

Neighbors can try this exotic food at Pokéworks, a Hawaiian-inspired restaurant in The Hill Shopping Center.

If Spam isn’t your jam, the restaurant offers create-your-own entrées.

First, customers choose a base of bowl, burrito or salad. Yes, they serve a sushi burrito.

Pick a protein of ahi tuna, tofu, salmon, shrimp or chicken.

Mix-ins include kale, cilantro, cucumbers, edamame, seaweed, orange slices and onion. There’s an assortment of flavors like Sriracha aioli, spicy ginger and sweet chili Gochujang.

Top it off with avocado, green onion or sesame seeds. Finally, pick a “crunch” of garlic or rice puffs.

“I think people like the food because it’s really light, and there’s no deep frying,” general manager Martha McCarroll says. “When you want to take a lunch break, this food won’t weigh you down.”

The Hawaiian ahi classic is the best-seller with ahi tuna, edamame, green and sweet onion, cucumber, chili flakes and sesame seeds.

The coco mango haupia is a traditional Hawaiian dessert with coconut milk and chunks of mango.

A pineapple Dole whip frozen yogurt is a savory and sweet finish.

Pokéworks, 8041 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 812, 469-677-6880,