Eric Eager and Richardson ISD board president Justin Bono examine the proposed voting district maps.

You may remember his name from the 2017 election, Eric Eager is seeking election this upcoming May for the Richardson ISD Board of Trustees.

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Eager was a senior executive at a local software company in 2017, he’s now the CEO of 4HighImpact LLC, an organization that helps businesses and non-profits “who want to make enduring positive impacts on their people, performance, and communities,” according to Eager’s LinkedIn profile.

He has twin sons attending Richardson High and his wife, Brenna, has served as PTA president at each of the schools their kids have attended.

Eric and Brenna Eager and family

“I bring a combination of strategic planning, leadership skills, financial management and an understanding of current technologies as well as what employers are looking for in the next generation,” Eager said in a previous interview. “I have worked with people from around the world and get a true understanding that the opportunities for our students are not restricted to the DFW area but are available to them on a global basis. I believe that my experience of having to manage a multi-million dollar budget, understanding the rapidly changing world of technology and what is expected of young professionals in the workplace will only compliment the great work being done by our existing board.”

Eager is running for the position held by RISD Trustee Justin Bono, who announced he won’t be seeking re-election.

“It has been an honor to serve the community for the past six years,” Bono wrote in a statement announcing his plans. “During this time I have been fortunate to not only celebrate numerous successes in the school district, but growth in my own business as well. This decision is based on my need to spend more time on this growing business and a desire to spend more time with my family.”

Early voting begins on April 20 to April 28. Election day is May 2.

Eric Eager