Move over Uber and Lyft, there’s a new rideshare company in town, Alto.

Alto was created by a pair of friends from Dallas, Will Coleman and Alex Halbardier.

“Alto is a service company enabled by elegant technology,” Coleman told ParkCitiesPeople. “Technology features like panic buttons admit a problem exists, but don’t solve the root cause. Instead, we’re focused on redefining the model entirely to create a different experience for passengers and drivers.”

According to the duo, they found that most women wanted more safety from their ride sharing companies so they decided to create aspects of Alto that would appeal to that market.

Unlike any other rideshare, all of Alto’s vehicles are owned by the company and all drivers are W-2 employees. This is to ensure a safe, consistent and high-quality ride every time. Drivers undergo comprehensive background checks and extensive training. All rides are monitored with real-time video in every car.

Riders are also picked up in a clearly identifiable luxury Buick SUV with an Alto license plate and custom grill lights that light up when engaged from the Alto app. Waters are available in each door, power cords for each type of phone are provided, and air controls are in the back of the car rather than the front, allowing passengers to control air/heat instead of the driver.

Riders are also able to set the “vibe” of each ride directly from their app, selecting from a variety of different types of playlists, controlling the volume or setting the “Do Not Disturb” mode when desiring peace and quiet after a long day at the office.