Megan McClendon

If you’ve visited the Lake Highlands High School gym for a basketball game or kid’s camp, you may have wondered about those larger-than-life wall photos of high-kicking Highlandettes. Those are pics of the drill team’s “poster girls,” and this year’s honoree is Megan McClendon.

Every August, the squad votes on a senior they believe has the highest kick with the best form. Being chosen is a big honor, McClendon said, because her name is announced as the Dettes take the field for each football performance, her photo is shared on their social media and her poster will remain in the gym for 3 years.

“Being poster girl has always been something I’ve aspired to,” McClendon told me. “I am so grateful and honored that my team felt that I was deserving of having this title.”

Being part of the group, she said, makes her time at LHHS sweeter.

“I love that the Highlandettes are a team that grows close together and develops such a strong bond. I truly enjoy spending time with them each day, whether it be performing or in practices.”

The team begins at 7 each morning, rehearsing for football season, then competitions, then their big show in the spring. She had a tough time coming up with a favorite.

“Over the years I have enjoyed performing in the Lake Highlands community and also loved performing on our Highlandette trips. Last year we danced in San Antonio on the river walk, and I am looking forward to performing at Pearl Harbor on our Hawaii trip in the spring. I’m most looking forward to Revue, our spring show. It’s a lot of fun dancing and performing on the stage and very rewarding showing off all our hard work to everyone.”

McClendon isn’t sure where she’ll go to college next year (Baylor and Texas Tech are on her short list), but if her name sounds familiar, you may be an Advocate advertiser. Her father, Frank, is our favorite advertising consultant.

You can see Megan and the rest of her high-kicking friends this Thursday night (that’s Thursday night) as the Wildcats take on Skyline at Kincaid Stadium. Go Cats.

Megan McClendon is the 2019-20 Highlandette Poster Girl