Designing diva

Photography courtesy of A Well Dressed Home

Lake Highlands interior designer Emily Hewett is accustomed to choosing the elements and colors that reflect homeowners’ distinct preferences. Hewett, who founded the design studio A Well Dressed Home in 2010, and her team have redesigned homes across the United States. 

The neighbor’s most challenging client? Herself. She spent three months remodeling her 3,300-square-foot house on Forest Trail, featured on the Lake Highlands Home Tour in March.  Hewett transformed the guest bedroom and adjoining storage garage into a master suite. She turned her sunroom into an outdoor cabana and installed a pool. “For a designer, it’s more stressful because we know what’s out there and have access to everything … We often overthink it,” she says. 

In case you need inspiration, we asked Hewett for five of her top design trends.

1. Dark walls that are almost black are popular, especially in spaces with plenty of natural light and large windows. Hewett recommends keeping the ceiling white and choosing bright furnishings. 

2. Incorporating pops of coral into a room also is a fun trend, Hewett says. Accents featuring the vibrant shade brighten the space.

3. The days of neutral kitchen cabinets are over. Instead consider painting cabinets blue or another similar color. 

4. Wallpaper isn’t just for the 1950s and ‘60s. “We always try to incorporate wallpaper,” Hewett says. “It’s just a way to make a great statement.”

5. Hewett’s clients often request patterned tile in their kitchens or bathrooms. “If you’re going to use busy tile or busy wallpaper, keep everything else simple and a little more understated.”