The Forest-Audelia area in northeast Dallas, part of our Lake Highlands community, is among Dallas law enforcement’s biggest challenges.

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The Woodbridge neighborhood, a subdivision that’s right around the corner from the Forest-Audelia, has an especially close relationship with police. Woodbridge is home to the president of the Lake Highlands Area Improvement Association, Murray Morgan, as well as a former LHAIA president Steve Wakefield and Dallas City Council candidate and neighborhood activist James White, to name a few.

Residents last week tied blue ribbons at almost every house. “Their presence in our neighborhood has been unprecedented the past few months and as a display of appreciation for their service and to honor those fallen,” noted Mark Williamson, who initiated the effort to tie blue ribbons throughout the area.

Nate Stephenson organized a BBQ Sunday to feed and raise money for the police of the northeast subdivision.

The turnout was impressive and included members of the nearby police and fire departments, Stevenson says.

“It has been a really great day,” he says.

As of Sunday night the event had garnered about $2,000. Murray Morgan swooped in and donated $1,000 at the end of the day, doubling the day’s collections. Neighbors are working with nonprofits and police to maximize donations and most effectively distribute them, they say.