Selfie (his first ever posted) by Danny Fulgencio.

Selfie (his first ever posted) by Danny Fulgencio.

And sometimes, we make the news ourselves. Advocate Photo Editor Danny Fulgencio was one of a dozen or so media who covered expected Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s visit to Dallas on Thursday, but he was the only one to leave with a bleeding head wound.

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He is fine, luckily, got patched up and right back to shooting, cause that’s just Danny. He joked that he had worse head injuries during his skateboarding years. We’ll let him tell the story, as he posted to Facebook and Instagram.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 8.06.47 AM

I don’t believe I’ve ever posted a selfie before, but this seems as good a time as any. When I volunteered to photograph a Trump rally and protest in Dallas, I figured I might see blood. I didn’t expect to see my own. In short, I got nailed by a rock. I didn’t see it coming or who threw it. Cops rushed to me, as did fellow media people. Before I got patched up, I learned a valuable lesson: It’s difficult to give an articulate interview to a swarm of journalists when you have blood streaming into your eyes. Once bandaged, I went back to photographing protesters and counter-protesters. The irony is not lost on me that I recently returned unscathed from covering a war zone, and that I only had to drive 10 minutes from my home in Dallas to join the ranks of journalists injured while trying to do their jobs. Many, many thanks to everyone who has expressed concern for my wellbeing. Know that I’m fine… but if anyone wants to come over and process all these photos for me, that’d be swell. Take care of each other out there. And, as I’ve repeatedly told my four-year-old, “Please don’t throw rocks.”

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