Shady's Burger Joint - Richardson

Shady’s Burger Joint – Richardson

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect burger in Lake Highlands, you may not have to hold your breath much longer. Shady’s Burger Joint will open in the old T.Hee’s spot some time in March.

The owners, who’ve been operating Shady’s in the Canyon Creek neighborhood of Richardson near Canyon Creek Country Club for three years now, have been putting together a group of Lake Highlands investors for the past few months and securing their spot at Walnut Hill and Audelia (they’ll also take in the barber shop space). They’re now ready to get started creating Shady’s LH.

No one’s more excited than Amey Gatewood.

Amey graduated from J. J. Pearce but now lives in Lake Highlands, and she’s worked as a waitress and bartender at Shady’s for a year and a half.

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“People in Lake Highlands are going to love Shady’s,” she told me as I sidled up to the bar for a burger and a Coke Monday. “We have lots of college kids that come to this location. Families and high school kids, too, but lots of students from UTD and Collin College and Richland. I think the LH location will bring in mostly families, and I think the restaurant will be bigger.”

“Here, we have Berkner and Pearce posters on the wall,” she continued, “but there it will be all Wildcat stuff. The taps will be different to focus on local breweries like White Rock and Lakewood, so you might go to this Shady’s today and that Shady’s tomorrow.”

Tomorrow can’t get here soon enough.

The Richardson Shady’s is located at 2701 Custer Parkway. You can view their full menu here.

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