Hayley Boles, LHWL Scholarship Chair Beth Hanks, Hiba Shareef and Ari Solorio

Hayley Boles, LHWL Scholarship Chair Beth Hanks, Hiba Shareef and Ari Solorio

The Lake Highlands Women’s League presented scholarships Friday to 33 graduating seniors of Lake Highlands High School. As a brief listing of their accomplishments was read, it was clear many had earned distinction in the classroom despite being the first in their family to graduate high school and begin college. Most work 12 or more hours per week at jobs or internships and/or contribute significant time to community service. Several arrived in Lake Highlands speaking little or no English – some from war-torn or poverty-ridden countries. A few brought their babies.

You can see my photos from the post-presentation reception here.

You can read about two recipients in this month’s Advocate Magazine cover story here.

“This is what we have worked for all year long,” said LHWL President Susan Solomon. “When you hear the stories of these students and all the things they have overcome it makes the months of preparation worth it. We are so grateful to everyone who contributed their time and money for these students. We feel so fortunate to be a part of their success story. I know we will be hearing great things about them in the future.”

Suzie Ghidei and Mom with Nardos Tola

Suzie Ghidei and Mom with Nardos Tola

They are: Mary Adegbembo, Tarleton State University

Sonia Aikhionbare, Dallas Baptist University

Cynthia Benitez Avila, Richland College

Paola Blas, Stephen F. Austin

Hayley Boles, University of Arkansas

Diana Damian, Texas Women’s University

Alicia Dinger, Texas A&M-Blinn

Yalyn Dominquez-Sanchez, Richland College

Edidiong Edet, Richland College

Enrique Garcia Franco, Neumont University

Rubel Ghebermicael, Texas Tech University

Suzie Ghidei, University of Texas at Dallas

Christopher Guerra, Tarleton State University

Bilkisu Hamidou, Richland College

Brandi Hammonds, Stephen F. Austin

Olivia Kamgang, Texas Women’s University

Ayda Kassim, Texas Women’s University

Durga Khadka, Richland College

Anastasia Kovanova, University of Texas at Dallas

Jesus Medina, University of Texas at Dallas

Anayeli Montiel, Richland College

Judy Mwangi, Tarleton State University

Alexander Moser, University of Texas

Emily Oben, University of North Texas

Holly Prince, Colorado Christian University

Ksanet Seghid, Texas Women’s University

Hiba Shareef, Richland College

Colin Smitham, University of Texas

Ari Solorio, University of North Texas

Nardos Tola, University of Central Arkansas

Raul Velasquez, Jr., University of Texas at Dallas

Hayley Wilhelm, Oklahoma State University, and

Callie Wood, Texas Tech University.

Congratulations, all!