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Nancy McCoy, Chairman of Preservation Dallas and Dallas Heritage Village board member; Melissa Prycer, executive director; Evelyn Montgomery, curator; Don Baynham, board chair and Ron Siebler

Lake Highlands resident Ron Siebler along with Dallas Heritage Village recently earned a Preservation Achievement Award for work reviving the old Pilot Grove Church Downtown. We wrote a few years back about Ron and his windmill restoration project. Mark Birnbaum, another neighborhood resident whose documentary “Stop the Presses” we wrote about years ago, produced a short movie about the church project (watch below).

In a March 2013 post, we told you a little about the unique process of restoring the old church, by which workers remodeled half the building using strictly circa 1910 means — foregoing modern appliances and using vintage tools and even dressing the part. The other half was remodeled using modern equipment, allowing visitors to observe the contrast. That, with photos, is here.

(Pilot Grove Church – a restoration and education project at Dallas Heritage Village from Ron Siebler on Vimeo.)