As we report on developments at MidtownShops at Park Lane and Preston Hollow Village, the questions from Lake Highlands readers keep rolling in:

“That’s exciting. Now what about Lake Highlands Town Center?”

We hear you—trust me. We reached out this week to Prescott Realty Group, the developers of Lake Highlands Town Center, for comment. A spokesperson let us know that there unfortunately is “no new news.”

Most of the clamoring and daydreaming about what could have been died down a couple years back. Now we wait for some kind of — almost any kind of — retail life to emerge from this 20-acre swath of land.

The extent of what we know for sure is that the multifamily residential building Haven Lake Highlands is on its way to completion—they’ve created a Facebook page and have applied for a permit to build a pool. (We’re reaching. I know.)

Down the road from Town Center, Prescott is working on tearing down/building new multifamily housing, and up the road, builders are constructing some impressive single-family homes on land Prescott just sold to MasterPlan developers.

Last spring Prescott reportedly hired Richie Butler to lead the company’s fundraising strategy and  “strengthen capital relationships.”

Will continue to stalk and will report back any findings.