Old 97's: Facebook.com/old97s

Old 97’s: Facebook.com/old97s

Something exciting is brewing at Lake Highlands Town Center. No, no tenants yet. However the annual Town Center-centered event, Oktoberfest, hosted by the Lake Highlands Exchange Club, has scored a big-name (and homegrown to boot) band—The Old 97s—to headline. And organizers expect this year’s event to blow everybody’s mind.

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Put it on your calendar:

October 5

11 a.m.-9 p.m. (the band is on “after dark”)

Cost — $5 per person from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. $10 per person after 5 p.m. Children under 2 are free.

Vendors will accept tickets for food. Tickets are $1 apiece.

The proceeds benefit the Exchange Club, which changes the lives of young people in our neighborhood every year via exceptional scholarship programs and various other charities and improvement projects. 

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Last year’s event: Lake Highlands Exchange Club/LH Media Center

Oktoberfest site plan

Oktoberfest site plan