Former Wildcat Geoff Dunham had a spectacular game playing for the Yale Bulldogs in New Haven Connecticut last weekend. Stories in the New Haven Register and on the school’s website credit Geoff and junior quarterback Brook Hart for the 38-7 win over Dartmouth. Team captain Paul Rice called Geoff “the quarterback of the defense,” and coach Tom Williams said “I think the sky is the limit for how good he can be.”

Geoff led the team with six big tackles playing free safety in just his fourth game as a starter. The sophomore is now 6’2” and 205 pounds, though the LH All Sports Program listed him at 6’1” and 185 when he played here two years ago at defensive back. The coach’s description of Geoff as “a studious guy” who “takes his job very seriously” indicates that the boy named Youth of the Year by the LH Exchange Club hasn’t changed much since he left LH.