I’m often stopped at the grocery store or at Wildcat football games or movies or restaurants and told how very much the people of Lake Highlands appreciate my work on the City Council.

And, with each compliment, I am more and more flattered, but I must confess a secret to you: Much of the work for which I am given credit is actually accomplished by volunteers from Lake Highlands who serve on City boards and commissions.

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In September, we made our new appointments to the more than two dozen City boards that oversee various functions within the City. With those appointments, several people who have given a great deal to the City in 1991-95 will be moving on to other things.

To the people who have served on these boards and served exceptionally well, I thank you. To those who are beginning service on boards, I look forward to working with you very much and know that you will continue the tradition of quality service that your predecessors have set.

Outgoing board members who have worked so hard for our community and our City include: John Carpenter, Animal Shelter Advisory Committee; Linda Sparks, Board of Adjustment; Heidi Sweetnam, Cable Access Board; Ed Barger, Planning Commission; Dan Susie, Civil Service Board; Ada Hansford, Community Development Board; Allison Poggi, Cultural Affairs Commission; Donna Reed, Cultural Affairs Commission (at-large); Charles Briner, Environmental Health Commission; Richard White, Higher Education Authority Board; Janet Tharp, Landmark Commission; Joe McClendon, Martin L. King Jr. Board; Alan Walne, Parks and Recreation Board; Maruth Donovan, Senior Affairs Commission; Don Wilson, South Dallas/Fair Park Trust Fund Board; Bill Eldridge, Urban Rehabilitation Standards Board; and Trent Poscharsky, Youth Commission.

Each of these concerned citizens has helped make Dallas a better place to live, and we appreciate what you do.

The following Lake Highlands residents have volunteered their time to serve our community during the next council term: Bill Eldridge, Animal Shelter Advisory Committee; Ed Barger, Board of Adjustment; Chrisshone Swayne, Cable Access Board; Eiland Collins, Police Review Board; Bill Blaydes, Planning Commission; Alan Walne, Civil Service Board; Heidi Sweetnam, Community Development Board; Mazie Jamison, Economic Development Board; Jan Patterson, Cultural Affairs Commission; Sylvia Silva, Environmental Health Commission; Robert Chereck, Housing Finance Corporation Board; Beverly Holt, Human Services Commission; Jay Madrid, Judicial Nominating Commission; Allison Poggi, Landmark Commission; Diane Miley, Library Board; Don Wilson, Martin L. King Jr. Board; Jo Baggett, Parks and Recreation Board; Fredda Horton, Permit and License Appeal Board; Bob Avery, Reinvestment Zone One Board; Gloria Hewlett, Senior Affairs Commission; Deborah Brown, South Dallas/Fair Park Trust Fund Board; Nancy Lowrance and Charles Smith, Urban Rehabilitation Standards Board; and Ashley Loaring-Clark, Youth Commission.

For all of Lake Highlands, I say “thank you.” Your commitment to our City and to our community is greatly appreciated.