Pizzeria Venti, Mockingbird and Abrams, has closed

Our photographers shot fresh-from-the-oven pizza during the Pizzeria Venti's very successful opening week.

It’s not in Lake Highlands, but lots of Lake Highlands dwellers frequent the Hillside Village shopping center at Mockingbird and Abrams, home to bustling Fuzzy’s Taco, the Lake Highlands-born T. Hee! Greetings, White Rock Coffee, and a handful of trendy and fun places. There’s no reason a business, a restaurant, should not do well at this prime swath of commercial real estate.

That’s what Steve Timmons with Twinrose Investments, which operates Hillside Village, says anyway. Based on what we have recently written in the East Dallas magazine about Hillside, that could very well be true. PV manager Summer Shacklette told us a few months ago, when the eatery first opened, that the store enjoyed a record-breaking grand opening and first week. Yet now Pizzeria Venti has suddenly closed.

Timmons, who I met outside the defunct pizzeria, where the tables are still set with silverware and water glasses, shook his head and just said that it was a case of poor management.

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On the upside, he says that there are several quality, local businesses interested in the spot and that it should be just couple weeks before we see some new action there.

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We will keep you posted on developments and we might have some words from the Pizzeria Venti owners later today.


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  • LakeHighlands Dad

    Businesses should do well. The key..they need to have a great product or service and then locals need to practice what they preach and stay local. In spite of what the neighborhood newspapers say, not always the case with both. Then, and only then, will we have success.