The podcast is back after a Fourth of July break (and if you missed the parade, check out Carol Toler and other neighbors’ photos in this slideshow). Our special guest on today’s podcast is Becky Range, the executive director of the Lake Highlands Public Improvement District.

What is a public improvement district, you ask? That’s what Range explains on today’s podcast as the regular podcasters pepper her with questions about catching criminals, cleaning up intersections and bringing apartment complex managers together along the Skillman corridor, where the PID is located.

Range also tells us the PID is working on a new website, as well as a new name (since the definition of a PID is not commonly known).

Because Range offices near El Fenix at the Skillman-Audelia-LBJ Bermuda triangle, one of this week’s shameless plugs is the restaurant’s go-to Wednesday night enchilada special. Though not on Skillman, TC Shaved Ice was another shameless plug because it’s too darn hot outside.

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