A man was found dead early Saturday morning in the parking lot of a motel on Forest Lane near I-635, the Dallas Morning News reports. He was a Lyft driver had been shot to death by another man who called for a ride.

Maurice Parker, 19, is being charged with the capital murder of Mohammad Haddad-Farshi, 78. Parker was being held on a $5 million bond at the Dallas County jail, according to records obtained by the News.

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Dallas police officers responded to the parking lot of the Budget Suites of America in the 9500 block of Forest Lane at about 3:40 a.m. and found Haddad-Farshi dead. His wallet, phone and car were missing. According to Lyft, his last assignment was to deliver Parker to an address near where the body was found.

Parker was arrested later the day of the shooting on a separate charge of unlawful carrying of a weapon. At about 6:40 p.m., a witness reported that he was firing shots at the ground in the motel courtyard while children were nearby. The officers discovered Haddad-Farshi’s drivers license, passport card and social security card among Parker’s belongings. Parker was booked into jail and interviewed by investigators, where he admitted to shooting Haddad-Farshi, the News reported.