Jan Riggins’s artwork at Shops at Park Lane. Photo courtesy of Jan Riggins.

Fort Worth-based artist Jan Riggins returns to the street with chalk in hand for another 3D painting on the sidewalks of Shops at Park Lane to celebrate the Thanksgiving weekend and the late Matthew Perry.

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Viewers can experience the unique art style as they walk along the street of Shops at Park Lane for Black Friday scores or just to stroll. The third installation of its kind depicts the iconic scene from “Friends” with Monica Geller dancing with a turkey on her head. The scene is a special moment between Monica and Chandler Bing in the show. Riggins pays tribute to the late Matthew Perry, who died at the age of 54 on Oct. 28.

Jan Riggins’s artwork at Shops at Park Lane. Photo courtesy of Jan Riggins.

The new piece took Riggins 17 hours to complete and measures 4 feet wide and 23 feet long. She finished the work on Nov. 18. The work is best viewed through a camera to accurately display the artwork. Like others of its kind, Riggins did a live painting with music playing, and people watched her complete the work.

“I received a lot of guesses over the two days it took to paint, from the Grinch to garden gnomes,” Riggins said. “It was a great experience whenever a ‘Friends’ fan saw it. They immediately understood it and then excitedly explained it to anyone around who had not seen that episode. Many people said it was their favorite episode from ‘Friends’.”

Another painting on the side celebrates the love for the show with “Friends” emblems, including the words: A “Friend” forever. In memory of Matthew Perry.

The “Friends” Thanksgiving-themed painting can be viewed near Chipotle at Shops at Park Lane.