Cyclist on White Rock Lake. Photography by Danny Fulgencio

Cyclist on White Rock Lake. Photography by Danny Fulgencio

White Rock Lake Trail recently made it on a list of the Top 18 Senior-Friendly Walking Trails in Texas.

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AZ Animals highlighted the trail in its recent post yesterday, emphasizing the accessibility it has.

AZ Animals aims to educate others on the natural world. They hold themselves to the highest standards of careful research and accuracy so all readers can trust the material found on their website, according to their website.

While Dallas has many parks and trails, White Rock Trail is one of the longer ones- covering 9.4 miles. It is also considered the city’s most popular and connects historic Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) picnic areas and reservation facilities, according to Dallas Parks.

The trail is not on the challenging side and is accessible to all, it contains paved pathways, flat road, low inclines and is wheelchair-friendly.  Looping around the water reservoir takes about three hours, according to AZ Animals.

The widely-known Katy Trail also made it on the list. These were the only Dallas-area trails on the list.