Our Garden, via Facebook

Old Lake Highlands is hosting an Our Garden Workday this weekend.

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Our Garden is a community garden that aims to bring everyone together to grow healthy food and friendships, according to their website.

It’s a volunteer-run and community sponsored event. They welcome all ages and all people; no experience is needed. Volunteers will help out with adding compost, planting, weeding and trimming. It is recommended for participants to bring small tools if they have them, the larger ones will be provided.

The association believes fresh, seasonal and organic produce is a right for all. Not only do they focus on putting in work, but they put an emphasis on the reward of connections and relationships, according to their website.

Everyone is welcome to admire and pick from the garden. They ask that everyone abides by the “Honorable Harvest” rule: to take only what you need.

Our Garden is currently sponsored by Eric Cantu Remodeling, who focuses on helping homeowners realize their vision, according to their website.

The event is taking place on Oct. 21 from 2-4 p.m. at 642 Brookhurst Dr.