Photography by Danny Fulgencio

A new mountain bike trail just opened near White Rock Creek. The trail runs through 50 acres of Creekside Park.

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It was developed by The Loop Dallas, who have built 50 miles of walk and bike trails; Dallas Park and Recreation Department, who’s mission is to look after the city’s parks and trails and Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association, also known as DORBA, who advocates for land access in the North Texas area.

DORBA brought in Colorado-based construction company, Singletrack Trails. Singletrack, who aims to preserve natural resources while bettering recreation, is a current member of the Professional Trail Builders Association, a non-profit that supports quality trail development and maintenance.

The trail consists of hills and jumps for riders to test their strengths on.

“The focus of this area and the new bike park is skill development – new riders and youth can practice their skills safely in a controlled environment,” according to a press release by DORBA.

Creekside Park has no parking lot, the trail is only accessible by walking or biking.