Photography courtesy of Allison

White Rock Lake recently made it onto a list of the 5 most haunted places in North Texas. 

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Lady of the Lake, a well-known legend, is about a ghost that haunts the White Rock Lake Park.

The story first came out in 1943 when Anne Clark published “The Ghost of White Rock.” In the story, a young couple was parked on the shore of White Rock Lake. They switched their headlights on and saw a woman dressed in a sheer white, wet dress coming towards them. She stated her boat was overturned and that she needed a ride home. She crawled into the couple’s car and gave them an address in Oak Cliff. They drove to the address and met a man who told them his daughter drowned while sailing on the lake three weeks before. They were told they were the third couple who had came to his house with the same story, according to

A recent study named Texas the most haunted U.S. state. Bonusfinder, who conducted the study, found that Texas was said to have the most ghost sightings and haunted locations. They cooperated with Ghostquest, a haunted location database, to figure out how much paranormal activity occurs in each state. Texans stated they experienced about 7,500 ghost sightings which was the most in the entire nation.