For Edson and Elizabeth Garcia, the purchase of a new blender and a piping bag paired with a passion for garden flowers turned into the business they never knew they needed.

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“I remember the first time I tried to make a flower cupcake,” Elizabeth says. “I sent Edson a photo of it while he was at work and we both laughed. I did not think this was for me.”

After some persuasion from Edson, Elizabeth tried again, and four months later, her florally decorated cupcakes were fabulous enough to sell. So in March, they launched Sweet Petals, also known as Sweet Petalos.

The Lake Highlands couple says their two daughters encouraged their entrepreneurial dreams.

“We are a team,” Elizabeth says. “We don’t have a sad story behind our business, just the desire to give our family a better future.”

According to the Garcias, they had no baking experience before they created Sweet Petals, but they thank God for showing them this “hidden talent” and for the willingness to work hard and improve their skills.

Elizabeth says time spent with her grandmother in the family garden learning to care for flowers inspired the idea for the realistic flora and plant designs. Those are “valued core memories,” she says.

Elizabeth says Sweet Petals was the missing piece she was looking for in life.

“I know I’m a great mom. I know I am a great wife and a good daughter, but I didn’t have that feeling of being proud of myself,” she says. “Now I feel like my life is complete with this.”

When the baking business gets difficult, the Garcias are filled with gratitude, thanks to the smiling faces of people who are happy with their purchases.

“Seeing the customers’ reactions to the cupcakes always gives me an excited tingling feeling on the inside,” Edson says. “Just knowing that they loved it.”

Being such a small team during busy times is not easy. Elizabeth commends her husband’s positivity and encouragement, which she says keeps her going as they fill large orders.

“He says ‘Keep going! You can do it! You’re doing something good for everybody,’” Elizabeth says. “His words give me the strength to continue.”

Sweet Petal cupcakes come in a variety of packages — from four pieces to a dozen, letter-designed pastries and bouquets in seven, 12 and 19 pieces, to name a few.

Flavors include vanilla, chocolate, marble and red velvet, and prices range $25-$120, depending on the size and complexity of the design.

Customers sometimes find inspiration from previous orders pictured on Instagram or Pinterest. Sometimes they give the Garcias creative freedom, which is the way they like it.

Today Sweet Petals is online, serving Dallas, Fort Worth and even out-of-state clientele. The Garcias say they will consider opening a Lake Highlands storefront once they successfully make it through the next 12 months.

“Hopefully within the year we’ll get a fair share of what’s in store for us,” Edson says. “We pray that we will get more recognition and keep serving the people.”

Contact Sweet Petals at 214.436.1506 or visit the website for pricing and menu.