Adare Woodall’s Abbey Road

Lake Highlands High School has a tradition of letting seniors paint a spot in the parking lot to designate “their” space and to express a little creativity. Some go wild with their signature color or animal print. Others share a religious symbol or verse. Many use monograms, logos or nicknames to carve out their place on campus.

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This year, four parking spots have become true head-turners. In fact, it seems a shame to let anyone park a car on them at all.

Buddies since their days at White Rock Elementary, Jackson Maurer, Cooper Holman, Cooper Littlefield and Seth Eastman wanted their little spots to be special. So they recruited help from another WRE alum, Adare Woodall, a talented painter, sculptor, potter and graphic designer.

“Sure, I’m up for a challenge,” she told them. “I love a big project. The guys thought it would be fun to recreate Abbey Road with the four Beatles, and I wanted to help them.”

Woodall has always loved art, and she earned the highest score in a state competition last year with a life-sized guitar sculpture. She plans to study visualization, animation and graphic design next year at Texas A&M University.

Woodall laughed when I suggested she put orange cones on her masterpieces to prohibit oil-dripping clunkers from ruining her work.

“I used high quality paint so it will hold up all year,” she assured me. “I’m not worried about it. It was mostly the fun of creating it that I enjoyed.”

The temperature had reached 107 degrees Sunday afternoon when Woodall finally had a chance to paint her own parking spot — stars in the shape of the constellations Sculptor and Pictor (the painted easel).

“Mine wasn’t difficult, but it represents me because I enjoy sculpting and painting,” she told me. “My big feat was Abbey Road.”

Back in the day, the “senior lot” was between the stadium and the auditorium, and the “junior lot” was near the tennis courts. These days, seniors may choose a space where they wish, and Woodall’s Abbey Road is in the lot on the east side of campus. You may check out her work for yourself when school is out of session.

Woodall is senior lieutenant for the award-winning Highlandette drill team, and she has created posters, T-shirts and other graphic designs used by the group. She has a cousin in the Aggie Corps of Cadets, and she’s helped them with various graphic design needs, too.

Now that she’s finished painting hot concrete, Woodall is working on her next art contest submission. She said she loves big projects and would enjoy painting a wall mural like the ones found in Deep Ellum and other hotspots in Dallas.

“We’ll see what comes next,” she said. “I’ll go wherever the wind takes me, I guess.”

George Harrison for Jackson Maurer

Paul McCartney for Cooper Holman

Ringo Starr for Cooper Littlefield

John Lennon for Seth Eastman

Iconic Abbey Road album cover

Adare Woodall paints her own spot with constellations