boxes of pie crust from Emporium Pies

Emporium Pies will now sell frozen pie dough at Central Market.

Just in time for the holidays, Emporium Pies is now selling their signature pie crust in Central Market stores across Texas.

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The dough’s secret is simplicity: its only ingredients are flour, butter, condensed milk, eggs and salt. You can find the crust for $8 in the freezer aisle of Central Market.

Emporium Pies began in Oak Cliff a decade ago but soon expanded to Deep Ellum, and then beyond Dallas into Fort Worth and McKinney.

“We’re so excited to bring our dough to the doors of Texans everywhere through our partnership with Central Market,” said Megan Wilkes, the pie shop’s co-founder and CEO. “High-quality handcrafted treats are at the heart of our business, and we can’t wait to see how our pie crust is used in different creations around the state.”

The dough is also for sale in Emporium Pies’ own locations across the Metroplex. The dough is designed to fill a 9 inch pie pan, and it can also be used to create  lattices or other decorations on top of pies.