Voting sign. Photo by Liesbeth Powers.

Early voting has begun for the November 2022 general election, and there are several locations in our neighborhood where you can cast your vote.

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Candidates are running for federal, state and county offices. Here are just a few of the positions up for grabs:

  • Governor
  • Lieutenant governor
  • Attorney general
  • Comptroller of Public Accounts
  • Railroad Commissioner
  • Commissioner of Agriculture
  • United States Representative, District 32
  • State Representative, District 114

A complete sample ballot is available here.

Early voting lasts until Nov. 4. The map below shows the voting locations in Advocate coverage areas. But there are many other voting locations in Dallas County.

If you miss early voting, you can vote on Election Day, Nov. 8, at any voting place.

Identification, such as a Texas driver license, is required to vote in person.