Lucky + Lola, a boutique shop with women’s outfits and accessories, opened in Lakeridge Village last week.

This isn’t the first boutique neighbor Nichole Fionterino, who has spent 19 years in Lake Highlands with her family and also leads fitness classes, has operated. She also co-founded The Feathered Nest in Plano with her mother, Queen Feige-Hilder, a little over three years before forging her own path.

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Lucky + Lola is an intimate space adorned with eye art on the walls, a suite within a suite at Ascension Salon with an emphasis on femininity.

“My daughter’s name is Lola,” she says. “The name of the shop and as far as wanting to be a name of a shop, I just have always thought her name is perfectly feminine energy. And I think that’s what kind of the motive, what the vibe is here— feminine, a little edgy, a little fun, a little unique.”

Fiorentino says she enjoys expressing herself through different styles and switching it up, and so do her clients who are high school-aged to “cool grandmas.”

“I kind of want to be able to offer everybody something, so as far as what they have brought, it’s only been a week right now is a lot of love and acceptance for kind of unique, a little bit different and just appreciating that. The community support has been pretty amazing.”

The clothes she sells in store come from markets, like the ones held at Dallas Market Center, and some vendors Fiorentino comes across.

As for what Fiorentino is most looking forward to, it’s all about learning the clients’ fashion tastes and what to find more of at markets to stock at the shop.

“I’ve met some lovely ladies who now get services here and they stop by every time they’re here and they’re really cute and sweet. Kind of getting to know my audience, the community members and getting a feel for them, that really helps me when I go to markets and when I’m looking for that next new interesting different thing.”

Lucky + Lola is located at 9850 Walnut Hill Lane #227.