Mahjong is hot around here.

We learned that a few months ago when Marian Brisch spoke with the Advocate about her experience learning the ancient Chinese tile game, pronounced mah-JONG, and then teaching it to her Lake Highlands and Preston Hollow neighbors. 

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The number of people around our neighborhood who’ve learned it in the past six months is “just staggering,” she said. 

“It’s become such a popular game among moms because we’re all looking for an outlet and an excuse to have time for ourselves or time with our girlfriends,” she said. 

Brisch said she has found having a teacher, followed by lots of practice, is the best way to learn the game.

Players shuffle tiles before a new game of Mahjong in the Lake Highlands neighborhood on June 2, 2022.

Player Melissa Moore, a Lake Highlands resident, told us she likes that mahjong requires a level of skill and strategy, “not just luck like other dice games.

“Each time you play you learn something new,” she says, “or figure out ways to play better next time.”

If you’re interested, the Churchill Recreation Center, 6906 Churchill Way, is offering lessons.

They will take place Thursdays from 5:30-7:30 p.m., beginning this Thursday, October 6.

As long as you have a rec center membership, lessons are free.

Those memberships are just $15 annually for residents and $25 annually for non Dallas residents.

Sign up inside the center or call 214. 670.6477.