A hand knitting at Sweet Tooth Hotel.

Photo provided by Sweet Tooth Hotel.

Sweet Tooth Hotel, the immersive art gallery created by Lake Highlands neighbors Cole and Jencey Keeton, has a new home downtown.

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The art gallery opened for the first time in May 2018, and it sold out for its entire three-month run. The gallery has since had several limited runs at pop-up locations, but now, the Keetons are opening a permanent location at 1511 Elm St. At 6,000 square feet, this iteration of the Sweet Tooth Hotel will be more than five times larger than the original pop-up.

The spot on Elm Street will feature nine galleries, a gift shop featuring rotating artists and a cocktail bar sponsored by Calirosa Tequila, a California-based company that ages its tequila in red wine barrels. The bar is disco-themed, and every time a guest buys a drink, disco balls around the room spin.

Sweet Tooth Hotel features candy- and confectionary-inspired furniture and decorations, usually in neon or pastel colors. The featured galleries have included art in many different mediums, including a recent installation made of yarn.

“It’s the culmination of everything we’ve done and all the artists we’ve supported,” Jencey Keeton said of the gallery.

The first installation at the new location is called “Dreamland.” It will feature four local artists: Bobcat & Birdie, Tramaine Townsend, Shamsy Roomiani and Molly Sydnor. Bobcat & Birdie are from McAllen, while the other three artists are from Dallas.

Dreamland will open on Oct. 29. Tickets are available now.