Bald eagle at White Rock Lake: Photo by Robert Bunch (2014)

The bald eagles are back in town. Or, at least one is.

We saw some photos of the eagle(s) on neighborhood social media groups, so we reached out to urban biologist Brett Johnson.

He tells us in an email that at least one bird has been showing up here and there for about a month. And there’s a “good likelihood” that it’s the same animal(s) from before, Johnson says.

We’re referencing, of course, the duo nicknamed Nick and Nora, who made themselves at home in our neighborhood for several months.

They were nesting at Lake Highlands Park at the beginning of the year, and people could watch them via a live-streamed video feed, courtesy of Dallas Academy. But in mid-February, strong winds pushed their nest out of a tree.

When biologists surveyed the area, they found evidence of one egg. The nest was estimated to be 3 feet wide, 2-3 feet deep, and it weighed about 100 pounds.

By May, local experts said that the eagles would disappear for a week at a time and weren’t actively nesting anymore. The protective barriers around Lake Highlands Park were removed, and the park was reopened.

We’ll be sure to update if we hear new information.