Bald eagle at White Rock Lake: Photo by Robert Bunch (2014)

When the bald eagles arrived in Dallas months ago, neighbors were filled with excitement at the possibility of baby eagles and flocked to White Rock Lake to catch a glimpse of the birds.

But when the eagles’ nest fell on a windy February day, officials found evidence of one egg.

Dallas Park and Recreation Department officials have been communicating regularly with state wildlife agencies about the eagles.

Representatives from the park department briefed the White Rock Lake Task Force and described the eagles’ behavior as “extremely erratic.”

Sometimes the eagles, nicknamed Nick and Nora by fans, will disappear for a week or longer, and they are no longer considered to be actively nesting. It’s also well beyond the nesting period.

In response, the park department plans to remove the signage and fencing that was placed around the trees where the eagles were stationed as a protective barrier within the next week or so. However, the officials aren’t sure if the eagles will relocate. If they’re still around by mid-October, the whole process could repeat.

But for now, Lake Highlands Park will be fully open by the end of the month, and the first day to allow field reservations is May 21.