Remember Cheaters? It is still on air. The reality series exposes adulterous partners, and Dallas has been Cheaters ground zero since 2000.

Today there is data, an “Infidelity Index,” as researchers have dubbed it, that shows our city is No. 1 when it comes to lying spouses and scorned lovers. (Of all the oddball studies and all the rank lists in all the World Wide Web, Dallas tops this one). The results are based on U.S. Census Bureau stats.

“The study factored in the population’s relationship satisfaction by looking at marriage, divorce, and separation rates and the population’s life satisfaction by evaluating emotional and physical well-being, work environment, and community,” authors note. “We also looked at the number of venues to meet for an affair, and the volume of searches on Google for affair hookup websites was also considered for the rankings.”

Dallas results:
Marriage Rate: 47%
Divorce Rate: 12%
Separation Rate: 2%
Happiness Index: 49.00
Google Search Interest for an Affair: 32.85

Fort Worth, Houston and Nashville closely follow Dallas when it comes to infidelity.

The thing is, researchers say, “cheaters are everywhere, and infidelity can happen anywhere, in large cities and small ones.”

The report includes a list of indications that your significant other might be cheating:

Changes in communication. A communication breakdown is never a positive sign. If you can’t get your spouse to communicate (or even fight) with you, they no longer share their day with you, or the words “I love you” are no longer spoken, there’s likely an underlying issue.

Appearance and hobbies. Indeed, taking care of yourself and devoting yourself to new hobbies and passions or even your work can be positive. Still, when combined with other suspicious behaviors, the following changes may cause concern.

Attitude changes. Your spouse may experience work stress or problems with other relationships that can lead to changes in attitude.

Lying and avoidance. Dishonesty in a marriage is a red flag.

Indifference. When your spouse shows apathy or lack of interest in things they used to love, communicate with them to see if there is another reason for the change in engagement. But if you also suspect infidelity, these changes may further indicate an affair.

Changes in your sex life. It is not uncommon for fluctuations in the frequency of sex in your marriage. But these signs may indicate the possibility of an affair.

A change in technology use. Infidelity is often revealed online, in text messages, or in phone messages. These tech changes may warrant concern.

So as not to end on a cynical note, let us remind you. Another study showed Dallas is No. 7 for hopeful singles.

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And the longtime host of romantic reality TV show The Bachelor grew up in Lake Highlands.

The full methodology for the infidelity survey is available here.