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Neighborhood residents who are looking for love are in the right city — we rank the seventh-best in the country for dating, report researchers who ranked the density of singles against housing affordability.

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The top spots offered the best mix of available and affordable rental housing and are home to a high share of single residents — it’s all in Zillow’s latest analysis that lists “the U.S. destinations best suited for relocating to meet other singles.

Dallas trails No. 1 Wichita, Kansas as well as Austin, Milwaukee, Denver, San Antonio and Houston.

Using Zillow’s own housing data along with U.S. Census Bureau numbers, the real estate researchers based their list on factors that included the share of singles, available rental units and rent affordability for singles. The list features a geographically diverse group of metros, with median rents ranging from $966 to $2,788 per month.

Wichita rose to the top of the ranking largely because of its incredible affordability, researchers said, despite not having one of the largest singles populations. But out of all metros analyzed, it has the highest share of rental units affordable to singles, “leaving single residents with more disposable income to spend on dating and social activities, which could increase the likelihood of finding a match.”

Dallas makes the top 10 for an inverse reason — despite elevated rent prices compared to, say, Wichita, we’ve a high number of unattached souls. Zillow’s summation:

“Dallas boasts more single residents than any other top 10 metro. However, the median yearly income for single individuals is $40,000 while the median rental price is $1,791, so you may be looking for some budget date ideas after relocating here.”

The experts says that telework trends make it possible for more people to move ISO romance.

“Remote work has opened up housing possibilities all over the country,” says Amanda Pendleton, Zillow home trends expert. “If untethered from an office, singles can move to places that offer more affordability and a vibrant singles scene. Metro areas where your housing dollar stretches further, are particularly appealing at a time when, nationally, rents are nearly 16% higher than last year.”

A recent Zillow housing trends survey found that a majority (51%) of renters report being single and never married, and have lower household incomes compared to the overall population. With rent prices steadily rising, those fortunate enough to be able to move are seeking more space and relative affordability, Zillow reports.

The full report along with Zillow’s methodology is available right here.